Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NEwLyWed NewS:

Having only been married less than 2 months, Scott and I are naturally still learning about how each other lives on a day to day basis.

Our recent "fight" has been more of an ongoing joke in the last week or so.

Y0u see Scott has this quirk. Whether it's a box of cereal, a pack of pens or, in this case, a tube of toothpaste, there comes a point where the item in question is nearly to its' end. Naturally, when something is nearly finished off you buy more so you have it on hand when the old stuff is gone. This leads to how the "fight" began...Instead of finishing off the old tube of toothpaste completely before starting the new--he immediately wanted to just start using the new stuff!! ANd he had!!! I had to put it to a stop by hiding the new tube of toothpaste so he had no choice to finish off the old one. Oh but then he thought he'd be clever--he remembered that he had a new tube of toothpaste waiting in the cupboards too! But, HA, I am too quick cuz I actually knew where it was in the cupboard and got to it first!!!
To make the situation more hilarious, for the next week I proved to him day and night that there was still plenty of toothpaste still left!!! AND THERE WAS!!! Iwent for days making him squeeze out every last pasty gloop before I finally surprised him by replacing it with the new tube! It was a jokingly fun fight--there was lots of fake complaining and fake arguing all in good fun of course.

Too bad I don't think I'll ever be able to get him to finish off one cereal box before opening the new box... That one just may take years!!

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