Friday, May 04, 2007

In Munchkinland

So for the last couple days and for a few more days to come (4 i think) I'll be babysittin the munchkins--Charlie and Jack--for a couple of hours. Jen got a job that she can do on the computer at home at her own convenience, but she has to go do "training" at a girl's house in American Fork. So I'm taking monkey-sitting duty and making some cash too while I run around with the boys.

I had my first test already for my class yesterday (Critical Inquiry and Research Methods aka EW) --insane huh! I did well, only missing a couple, but I was aiming for a 95% so I was a little bummed that a missed more than i hoped. We take the test in class by ourselves, and then we take a really similar test with most of the exact questions and we take it with our groups. We only missed one as a group--we would have gotten it right, but everyone but me was wrong, and I couldn't really convince them why my answer was right--it was really funny though after we got all the other answers wrong for them to see I was right. I really like my group though, I usually hate working in groups but with this group I feel really comfortable. Only 6 more weeks of class!! That is SO weird to say.

Oh yeah, and Dr Seuss Books are like a mean tricks on the parents (or babysitters) who have to read them!! Talk about tongue twisters!!

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  1. I took a psychology research class a couple semesters ago and we used this same book. This book really broke down the research process. Do you like the class/book? From look at your other posts, it doesn't look like you're a big fan. It was my favorite class, so if you have any questions, let me know :)


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