Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Reflection

I've moved rooms! My roommate Nikki and I were sharing a room this whole year, but since our other four roomies left, we decided to spread out and I took over the bedroom next to ours. It was quite the adventure attempting to get the 2nd bed out of it--I only wanted one in there. We tried every possible angle and nothing worked, so finally we gave up and came up with this unique layout. So it seems like I only have one bed in there. How's that for creativity? Looks like a huge computer/bookcase thing!

It's that time of year again--finding a new job. I LOATHE finding jobs. Almost as much as I hate working them! There's a million things to do in this world, it's just plain rotten that everything revolves around money and employment. It's really tempting not to get a job right now, being unemployed for the first time in fourteen months, but I must continue to earn, to save, etc especially since I'm getting hitched in 82 days. Work, work, work :P Time to polish up that resume, i suppose.

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