Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another day of another class

Spring Term began yesterday. My class is called (MFHD290) Critical Inquiry and Research Methods---aka. EWWE. It's from 8am to 10:30 am every Tuesday and Thursday. The first half of the class wasn't too bad and went fast because we were learning about the class itself and doing some hands-on activities in our new groups. The last hour of class though our professor gave a lecture about the "world's book" and how it can help us raise our families in the gospel. He had some really good stuff to say, but it just went so slow and he talks very slow and mellow--I just wanted to go back to sleep.
I also found out, that I already have a test on Thursday on the first 2 chapters and my first assignment due on Monday in his office!! How nutso is that!! Spring and Summer terms just go so fast because they are so short. Nikki said she counted up the actual days of class and it's like 34 or something!! I guess I shouldn't complain because the faster it goes the faster its over and close to time to get married, right? ;)

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