Thursday, April 19, 2007

GirLz NiGhT

Proof that it is possible to look and act drunk even without alcohol

Last night, my sister Jen helped host a Girl's Night for me and my friends--Lauren, Nikki, Melissa and Mallory. We held it at her community Clubhouse which is equipped with a kitchen, a big living room/dining area, a theatre, an exercise room, restrooms, and outside a hot tub and a pool--really nice place. We had tons of food--clam dip and chips, veggies and ranch dip, and fruits/pretzels etc for our chocolate fondue. We also had fun making Shirley Temples complete with a cherry and a lemon slice. It was so fun. We took tons of pictures, talked about all our "firsts" and happiest memories from the last year and talked about all our memories--all this over diving into our food and then continued later in the hot tub (after the hail and rain stopped of course ;) ). Our night finished off by playing in the theatre and watching Sleeping Beauty--where most of us became little sleeping beauties ourselves!! My sister was a big help and it was fun to hang out with her and have her there to share our night. We had such a blast! We promptly cleaned up, drove home and crashed in our beds though. These beauties were tuckered out!!

(Left to Right) Mallory, Nikki, Lauren, Katie, Melissa

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