Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Life of a Research Interviewer

My current job is as what they like to title a "Research Interviewer." That's just a fancy way of saying that I call lists and lists of phone numbers and try to get married and single moms to take our survey. It's part of a research project called the Single Mom Initiative. The survey asks what they think is the top challenge for both families and personally in raising children, and the other info we ask is age, marital status, income, and education backround. The phone survey takes about 5 minutes tops, though we ask at the end if we can send them a little longer questionaire and tell them we'll send them $5.

As you can imagine, I get quite a variety of characters on the other end of the phone!

Tonight's Best:
"haha, this is the ***company; We do BEER here!"

not joking: " shshshshs uh, you're breaking up" click. seriously, people actually DO this?? I'm shocked.

me: Do you have kids under 18?
mom: [laughing] Lots! You want to take some??

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