Friday, November 10, 2017

Paris Day 6 - Versaille

Friday October 20,

We saved our trek to Versailles for the end of the week.  
It was bright and windy, but overall a beautiful Fall day to explore.  A good thing, too, since we ended up walking SO SO far.  

 I loved the bedrooms in the palace

Grateful for audio tours since none of the plaques in Paris have any English :(
Due to "musical gardens" blocking the way to easily get to the Grand Tianon...we ended up walking.  And after walking through most of that and other buildings near it we didn't end up going to Marie Antoinette's cottage. But everything we did see was really pretty and the walk was long, but really pretty.


After we made it back to Paris we visited the Notre Dame again, because #WhyNot 
We took the scenic, under the sidewalk, next to the river way to get there.

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