Monday, November 03, 2014

One Month

Everybody loves baby feet!

DSC_9394-2 (2)

Ruby is One Month old!

I’m anxiously weighing her (in a parent-holding her on the scale hack-y kind of way) because I don’t think she is gaining much.  I don't think she is a very good eater and I can’t get her to take a bottle.  The one time I got her to drink a bottle she pretty much threw up the entire 2-3 oz all over me, the chair, the floor.  I’ve never seen a baby throw up like that in one shot!

She’s really really fussy especially at night.  It’s not enough to call it colic, but it’s enough to drive us to insanity.  She wakes up every 2 hours at night and she eats all the time! It’s pretty exhausting trying to appease her and keep the other two kids in check, too. Don’t come to my house because it’s a mess all the time.  Sam is my big mess-maker and creates the biggest chaos of toys and mess every single day!

Ruby had a some broken blood vessels in her eyes (especially the left) from birth trauma.  This picture shows it  pretty good.  Her eyes are still really dark, but I’m pretty sure they will lighten up and be bright blue like mine and the boys’ eyes.  The red spot should take a few more weeks but will eventually get better and go away. {10-12-14}DSC_9567-2


{ 10-14-14}DSC_9607-2 DSC_9612-2

Here she is hanging out in the recovered bouncy chair.  She does not love it like the boys and will only be there 5 or 10 minutes before wanting to be picked up. {10-16-14}DSC_9614-2 DSC_9621-2 DSC_9633-2

I love these pictures—our own little sleeping beauty  {10-23-14}DSC_9670-2DSC_9394-2b

This picture is shortly after a bath (her hair is still curly) and sucking on her binky even though she hates it.  She’s my only baby to hate the binky from day one and also to prefer a Soothie type instead of the Mam type I love and bought tons of. (figures)  {10-28-14}DSC_9687-2

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  1. Have you checked her for lip or tongue tie? That might be part of it?


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