Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby Girl Projects: Hair Bow Holder Frame

This will be the last of the baby girl projects until I finish her room!  I have done a lot of projects to decorate the nursery, but I'm going to post them once the room is all done.

This one was pretty easy, too! I like easy if you haven't noticed.

I took a very large frame that I already had (I tend to collect them) and spray painted it purple.  This particular frame did not have glass, but it did have a hard backing.  I took that hard backing and covered it with thin batting and a piece
of fabric using hot glue to secure it.

Then I took lace and ivory ribbons with gold designs (like gold polka dots) to string across the whole thing. I got all my ribbons and lace at Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale.  (I didn't use all these ribbons, but I found all these cute trims and ribbons at Hobby Lobby and they were hard to resist!)

I also secured the ribbons using hot glue on the back.  Then I put it all back into the frame and I was done!  I just clipped on a bunch of hair bows that I had leftover from the ones I used to make for craft fairs.

The original plan was to screw hooks directly into the bottom of the frame to hang all my elastic headbands, but then I decided I would just re-use the hooks that I used to hang towels on for Sam.  So I spray painted that purple too and then hung up all her headbands (which I got for crazy good steals from a girl selling them on a Yardsale Facbook page)

Something happy to look at when you first come in the room!  This picture shows the ever-so-smidgen of a sneak peak at the curtains ;)
Hair Bow Holder Frame on Smile Like You Mean it

 The rest of the room will have to wait until I get it all done!  Hopefully that will be this week or next.  Baby is coming soon!  I'm 38 weeks as of yesterday!

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  1. Cute, cute. Princess Brown will be here soon, with adorable projects and room waiting to greet her.


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