Monday, September 30, 2013

Color Me Rad 2013

Color Run Shirt August 24th I got up early, met up with some friends and headed up to Salt Lake City to run the Color Run 5k!  I’ve never done a “fun” race before. 

{Before the Race—still all clean!}Color Run Before PicColor Run Before Solo Pic

I ditched my treadmill this summer in favor of early morning runs outside.  I actually really learned to love it and look forward to it every morning.  With these runs I would run a 5k most days, so I wasn’t worried about the race itself.  Since it’s not a timed race I wasn’t trying to beat any personal records or anything, but we ended up a a PR time.  Our average pace was 10:09 min (my record ave pace) and we finished the race without stopping once.  I don’t have an exact time because my Running App said I ran more than a 5k…probably all that weaving around the people walking!  Color Run DoneColor Run AFter Solo Pic Color Run After

A fun run it was—even funner was walking around the SLC farmers market after the race—we got a lot of comments about our appearance ;)

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  1. How fun! Good for your for running a marathon. My friend did something similar here and loved it. It also took a little while for all the colors to come off her skin.


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