Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Luke Turns 5

Somebody pinch me because I can’t believe he’s already five years old!!DSC_4173-2

We spent the day at Seven Peaks water park and I’ll put up more pictures of that up later.  He was a bit worn out and both kids zonked out in the car on the way home!IMG_20130717_111721

  Luke was lucky to have lots of family around for his fifth birthday! Here are all of his cousins that were able to come help him celebrate!DSC_4215-2DSC_4218-2b

He was over the moon with his cake! He got to watch me making it because it took a couple days!DSC_4208-2DSC_4203-2

He wanted to eat Hulk’s head, and he ended up with a massive piece of cake that took him a couple of days to finish!  It was super cute because he was asking all of his cousins which superhero was on their cake.  I love making my kid’s birthday cakes for this very reason.  They absolutely love it which makes it all worth it in the end!    DSC_4227-2

Sam also thoroughly enjoyed cake and ice cream.  Much more than six months ago at his first birthday.  DSC_4225-2 

On to the presents!  I love how excited all the kids get even just to watch the presents get opened!DSC_4233-2

His cousin, Isaac, was so excited about the present he picked out for Luke that he was whispering things to him as Luke opened it. DSC_4239-2

Luke loved all the superhero masks I made for him. DSC_4243-2DSC_4258-2

And he was especially excited about his new bike!  He wouldn’t ride it because it was bigger. But we got him to ride it a few days later and now I can’t keep him off it!DSC_4249-2 

He got superhero t-shirts and a stomp rocket from his Grandma & Grandpa Harris.  We took it out right away and the kids had a blast making it shoot up in the air!DSC_4267-2DSC_4263-2DSC_4271-2 It was a very fun and exhausting day!  I think Luke loved every minute of it!

A few days later he got his present from Grandma & Grandpa Brown.  They got him his very own tent that has a camping chair and sleeping bag!  A few other fun things like a glowstick flashlight and camping accessories.  He can’t wait to go camping with Daddy again.  We’re going to set it up in the backyard this week and have a little campout.   DSC_4394-2 DSC_4407-2 Happy 5th birthday Luke!


  1. The cake came out awesome! Glad he liked his presents. He looks so grown up -- a big 5 year old boy!

  2. Wow, he's 5!?!? Time really does fly, it's amazing! Looks like he had a SUPER party. So lucky to have his cousins around for the special day. What a cute bunch of kids. Those are such great gifts. I have to learn to be creative like you, Katie, so I can make things for my kids when they have birthdays or other special occasions.


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