Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Airplane Updated

I painted this picture of an airplane {as part of a series} a long long time ago for my nephew’s first birthday…he’s turning 10 this year!  My sister didn’t want/need the paintings anymore, so I took them back.  I thought this airplane one would be perfect in Sam’s room, but I didn’t love the colors.  I especially wanted the background to be white and not blue.   Airplane-Before

  It would have been easy enough to make the background white without practically painting over the whole airplane, but I figured I’d probably end up changing all the colors anyway. I went ahead and painted over it a bit.  Airplane-in-Progress

Then I got to work re-painting the airplane in colors that would work a bit better in Sam’s room.  I decided to use some metallic paints, too.  Overall, I like how it turned out.  It’s not perfect, and could probably use some more detailing like I had before.  I’m seriously rusty when it comes to painting projects like this.  I was pretty stumped with what colors to do and where…I still might go back and repaint this plane one more time someday, but for now it will do.  Airplane-After

PS. Seriously loving gold frames right now! I bought 10 of these in 2 sizes when our Roberts Craft store closed, and now I’m wishing I bought them ALL so I could use them in my own bedroom, too!   

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