Wednesday, February 13, 2013

“You Make My Heart Bounce” Valentines

He had to bring 12 valentines to his Valentine’s Day Preschool Party this morning.  He had finished up his box this morning, and then we had to finish up his Valentines. 
I found a pack of bouncy balls at Walmart for $1.97…there just happened to be 12 in the package! Then I printed off two sheets of “Valentine You Make My Heart Bounce” printables from The Crafting Chicks

Luke had to write his name TWELVE times…he wasn’t too thrilled after about 4 or 5 times of writing it. We took a break after 6 and then he really hated finishing the last 6 cards. But he’s getting better with his K’s!
As he finished his names I bagged up the bouncy balls and stapled on the tags. Done and Done.DSC_2004-2_thumb

He was so excited to take them to school today!
He was excited to show me all of the ones he brought home, too:DSC_2011-2


  1. Hopped here from another blog and was scrolling through your posts. Happy and fun! Wanted to share a tip I used with some special valentines I made for my 4 year old grandson to use in his class this year --- because I knew he would NOT be able to get through umpty two "writes" of his name either. I had him write his name on white paper with red marker, then scanned that into my Photoshop Elements. Since I could then adjust the size and placement of that name file onto the "printable", it worked perfectly. And ... since his name was hand printed ... you could barely tell the difference!

    1. good idea! I'll have to remember that for next year!!


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