Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Luke’s Valentine’s Day Mailbox for Preschool

Luke’s preschool teacher requested that parents help their children decorate a box to hold all their Valentines they will receive at their party today.  I had to remind myself that it was Luke’s box and not mine, but I got it started for him and let him decorate the rest ;)

Found the perfect boxDSC_1941-2

Cut off the extra flapsDSC_1942-2

Covered it in Red duct tape and hot glued cute paper to the insideDSC_1943-2

Then I pulled out everything I could think of and helped Luke decorate his box.  DSC_1951-2

He was pretty excited!DSC_1948-2

Foam stickers are awesome for this kind of thing! 


To keep the top from flapping open too much, I hot glued a heart button onto another button {to help it stick out} and then glued it onto the boxDSC_1955-2

Then I taped a ribbon loop for a closure and made Luke practice opening and closing the box…it took a few tries for him to figure out the best way to close it and get the loop off again.  DSC_1956-2DSC_1957-2

I think it turned out great!  I thought he needed some more “boy” stickers so I let him put on some more of those this morning:


I’ll show you what his Valentine’s looked like in a bit…I want to see what he brings home from everyone else before I post them! So look for that post later today!  I’m putting up all my Valentine’s Day posts today—nothing like waiting until the last minute!!

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