Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Energy Bursts

Do you ever have those days where you can just keep going and going and going and just get a million things done without really getting tired?

I had one of those days yesterday!

Cleared off all the kitchen counters
I swept and mopped
and scrubbed off all the gunk on the kitchen floor
Did ALL the dishes
Cleaned out the fridge
Scrubbed down the high chair
Scrubbed down the trash
Took out all the trashes
Did a load of laundry
Pulled out the washer and the dryer and I vacuumed up all the link and cleaned the walls
I vacuumed the living room, hallways
I vacuumed out the couches
Cleaned up all the toys

Cleared out the garage--put stuff in the shed, threw trash away, blew out all the dirt and reorganized

Vacuumed out both cars inside and in the trunks

I put away a huge pile of stuff that was in the garage but needed to be put away inside, including a bunch of toys and coats and blankets from the cars.

I made waffles for dinner (though this didn't take too much effort it still goes on the list!)

Rocked baby Sam to sleep 3 times (he took awesome naps which is how I got a lot of stuff done!)

I ran to Macey's to pick up emergency-get better soon-foods and night time cold medicine for the hubby

and I was even going to run on my treadmill but once I got home from the store my energy pretty much gave out and I just vegged for an hour before bed!

I love these days though, because then I don't feel bad on days like today where I spent most of the day on the computer...updating bloggy things, working on icons in Photoshop, working on my new website information, answering emails, etc, etc!  I don't get much done around the house on "work" days. 

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  1. Okay, this may sound weird, but take note of what day you were on in your monthly cycle yesterday. It could be a clue to when you'll get that burst of energy next month.


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