Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fixing Annoying Pockets on your Kid's jeans

Fixing annoying pockets on kids jeans and shorts
Do your kids pants do this??
It drives me crazy!!
Luke: Crazy??
Me: Yes, crazy!
Me: So what should we do about it, Luke?
Luke: …
Here’s what I did about it…
Sewed them shut!! 
I won’t get anymore cute pictures like this…
But he rarely puts his hands or toys in his pockets anyway, so no harm done!  And now his pants look like this:DSC_7647
All I did was iron down his pockets flat and then sew along the seam line that was already there.
Left side sewn shut; Right side obviously not sewn shut.DSC_7646 You can’t tell, I can’t tell, and the pockets look like they are supposed to (all tucked inside and not poking out!!)
  So much better! A solution that will take you 10 minutes tops!
Also, if you use a big enough stich (I used a 5 or a basting stitch size), then it will be really easy to take out later if you decide that you want the pockets to be usable again. 


  1. Great idea! I'm always nagging my kids (13, 21, 24) about their pockets sticking out lol. Sewing them shut wouldn't work for my kids but it would have been nice when they were younger.

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