Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Contain the Clutter in the Bathroom

I have a serious problem of leaving all the things I use to get ready in the morning all over the bathroom counter!


My hubby loves it ;)

I’ve tried makeup bags, but not everything fits in those and they get so dirty! 

For a while I threw most of it into this yellow bin, using paper cups {real classy!} to keep smaller makeup stuff organized.  It worked for a while, but it still got really dirty and really messy.  The paper cups always fell over and it was always disorganized within the bin.  Decluttering the Bathroom Sink - Smile Like You Mean ItDSC_7789-2

Thanks to school starting, all the college dorm room gear is out in full view at Walmart (and other stores) and I spotted the perfect solution!  A shower caddy!  The smaller container areas fit my daily makeup & tools perfectly and the two larger sections fit all the bottles of random stuff I use, as well as my hairbrushes and hairspray!  Decluttering the Bathroom Sink-on the countertop storage- Smile Like You Mean It

Clutter off the counter!

I can put the whole bin under my sink to get it out of sight, too.  This is a solution that I think will work for a long time for me! Decluttering the Bathroom Sink- under the sink storage- Smile Like You Mean It


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