Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

My hubby was fantastic yesterday!

He bought me lots of pretty flowers.
He took care of Sam and Luke...a lot.

He cooked me a yummy dinner that included grilling salmon on a cedar plank...yum!
He washed all the dishes that were sitting there from the previous week, and he cleaned up after dinner and did all those dishes too!

The day was a little hectic at times, but still enjoyable. 

My parents are in town and we went to church early that morning.  Luke went up with all the Primary kids to sing for all the moms for the first time.  There were two taller girls standing in front of him, but I could see him peeking his cute little head above their shoulders.  I couldn't tell if he was actually singing, but I could tell he was at least smiling!
After Church we went back home for a brunch with my sister and her family.  It was perfectly yummy and Luke enjoyed playing with cousins (as always!) 
Everyone left and we had the afternoon to ourselves to go for a family walk, have our special dinner and then just relax.  I was able to sneak in a quick nap in the afternoon (thank you, baby Sam!). Then my parents came back and more siblings came over for the rest of the night!  
We won't talk about how blogger auto saved the wrong version of a draft I was working on for yesterday.  (hence the late posting of it today).  Because other than that, it was a pretty darn good Mother's Day and I appreciated all the effort my hubby put into making it a special day for me. 

Hoping all of you had a great Mother's Day as well!


  1. I told Kenzie after that she should have let Luke in and she said "I tried! It was too squishy!" Lol, sorry.

  2. What beautiful flowers! Glad you had a wonderful mothers day!


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