Monday, April 09, 2012

Baby Announcement

Samuel David Brown Birth Announcement CMYK

This is the baby announcement I sent out to grandparents, and people who live far away from us, or don’t read the blog ;) What do you think?  I never sent out announcements for Luke.  But then, I didn’t do a lot of things for him—such is the story of a firstborn.


  1. Cuteness! Yeah those poor first borns really have it rough. ;-) You'll find that there are things you DID do for Luke that you don't do for Sam, too. Works both ways and you learn as you go :-).

  2. Love it! We also love the name Samuel and I was curious what his middle name was. Love the colors and scratchy shaded font!

  3. Cute cute! Can't wait to meet him.


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