Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Playing with Playdoh

I love finding new things that keep Luke busy!

I’ve never really let Luke play with playdoh before—mostly because I always imagine it to be this huge mess!  However, lately, I don’t really care about the mess as long as it keeps him busy and happy!!

I made him some Kool-Aid playdoh using a recipe I found {here}—it was quick and easy and smells really really good!!

I bought Kool-Aid packets of all the different colors, but then I decided that as cool as it would be to have a rainbow of playdoh colors it wasn’t really necessary.  Luke would be happy with just one color and it would take up less space in my fridge!  So I made orange for now.

I had entirely too much fun taking pictures of Luke playing with it!!  Good shots for the scrapbook I guess!


Try it! It’s tons of fun and really is easy!!

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