Monday, February 13, 2012

My Craft Space

For those of you that missed my craft space being featured on Organized Mom a few weeks ago, I'm re-posting it here today!


Over the last year or two I've become somewhat of a craft-supply hoarder! You can bet I was in that nice long line when Roberts Crafts Store closed earlier this month. I can't pass up cute fabric from the remnants bin, and I have a hard time not buying cute ribbon when it's 50% off at Hobby Lobby! This little habit of mine has forced me to organize my stash and evolve the space!

Since I dabble in so many different things—sewing, painting, jewelry, paper crafting, crocheting, (the list goes on and on!)--I have to keep it all organized! It’s hard to sit down and get creative when everything is cluttered and messy! This space needed a huge overhaul when I started crafting! Here's what it looked like before:

What. a. Mess.
It makes me stressed out just looking at it!!

This is what the space looked like after we first painted and built up the units and shelving last April:


This is what it looks like today:DSC_3843-2

Baskets on the left hold computer software and the baskets on the right hold sewing supplies and things like glue guns and my Cricut accessories.

In the drawers of the desk are pads of stationary, scrap pieces of paper to write little notes, scissors and markers, cables and headphones, as well as extra toner for the printer. The bottom two drawers hold fabric scraps and project leftovers.


These clipboards, hanging near the computer, are perfect for clipping up to-do lists or project ideas ripped out of magazines.


Everything stored on the shelves or in the desk are things that need to be within arms reach at any given moment because I use them the most.

Everything else goes in my craft closet which is just a mere 15 feet away and easily accessible.


Just like I told you before—lots and lots of ribbon!DSC_3837-2

and way too much scrapbook paper for someone who does digital scrapbooking!DSC_3831-2

Labeled bins help keep all the different smaller items separated but easy to find.DSC_3824-2

My favorite thing about this closet is how perfectly the fabric shelves fit in the awkward space between the wall and the door! It makes me happy to open the door and see a rainbow of fabric stacked up! I have bigger bin at the bottom of this closet for more bulky fabric.DSC_3828-2

There's also a bin for unfinished projects, so whenever I am bored I can go grab something out of that bin and actually finish it.


Going back to the desk area, I have this extra set of bin drawers that are on my craft side of the desk. It's only there because it was the best place for it. These items would normally go in the craft closet, but that's getting a bit full lately!


This desk and shelving system was designed to not only make it easy to get creative and dive into projects, but also for our family to spend time together even when we are doing separate things. My hubby can read his favorite geek sites on the computer while I am working on the current project and our 3 year old just plays behind us! Here’s the other side of the room where he plays:


This is definitely an area of the house we spend a lot of time in and I look forward to working in this space every day! I’m so glad I was able to share it with you! I hope it inspires you to get organized and get creative!

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  1. You have a wonderful crafting/creating area! Thanks for sharing! :D


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