Monday, December 05, 2011

Drowning in the To Do List

It's been FIVE days since I posted last! But this is just a teaser post because i have absolutely ZERO time to be on here posting!!

--I still have a friend's family photos to edit

--I have currently 6 family tree orders I am working on!

--I have said yes to helping with an activity Wednesday night that requires me to make card-making kits for about 20 people!

--I have still to even LOOK at our pictures from our Florida trip and we got back on Thursday!

--My laundry pile is enormous and I'm trying to get through it today

--I have a preschool Christmas party to plan for the end of the week

--I still have one more ornament tutorial to finish and post here--but I think it will be worth they wait--I think they are going to turn out awesome!

--Not to mention we still need to get a Christmas Tree and decorate for my favorite holiday ever!

--And I need to take more maternity photos for this week because I'm pretty sure I'm now officially enormous and need photos to prove it to those who keep telling me I'm not. I have another appointment on Wednesday and can you believe I only have 7 weeks left til my due date?? I can't. It went so fast!

OK...I'm off to cross off some of these items off my list!

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