Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decor

{sorry for the absence!  Sometimes it’s hard to catch up after a vacation!}

Keeping it pretty simple this year…with the exception of our Christmas Tree.  It is huge and round and beautiful and I filled it up with wonderful ornaments.  I love that we paid less than $50 for it at Costco and since they come already netted it was a total mystery what it would look like!  I don’t think I could have picked a better tree off a lot!!  I still have to take a nightly shot of it all glowing and beautiful—for that I need to play around with my camera settings!


Many of the ornaments I collected each year growing up, some we’ve bought together since being married, and then I made several ornaments this year to add as well! I also switched out the multi-colored lights that I usually go with for white ones and I love it that much more! It’s my favorite tree yet!


This little angel is the ornament I bought in memory of Rachel last year.  DSC_3304

And the little details scattered around making it feel a little more like Christmas around here:


Found this sign at Hobby Lobby (50% off of course)  DSC_3294

The mantle this year.  I have plans to make new stockings, and I’ve even bought the fabric I want to use…now it’s just a matter of whether or not I will get it done!!DSC_3291

What you can’t see in the above picture is how EMPTY the wall above it still is.  Haven’t decided what to put there since we painted the walls. A collage of frames, mirrors or one giant mirror?  still thinkin about it. 


And I haven’t put up the photo/art gallery wall above the couch either! Such a big job and I’m putting it off…DSC_3293

Anyway, that’s it for this year!  I didn’t even decorate the entry way—though this was the first year we did outside lights.  I haven’t taken pictures yet because it’s so coooooold outside at night!! brrrrr!


  1. Your home is beautifully decorated, thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. I love your house! Your tree is so colorful. I especially love the balls hanging from the chandelier. At my house we've gotten set in our decorating ways. I can't wait to collect and buy my own ornaments and decorations and ease into my own place. My first new place will probably be teeny, but ours! I already have a Minnie Mouse Christmas door hanger from my friend.


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