Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Baby Gifts

I have had a few baby showers to go to recently, and instead of buying something, I went the handmade toy route. 

First, I made these cute Lion Taggys. I saw this one on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to try.  The original idea came from Chez Beeper Bebe'.  They actually crinkle & jingle too!! The one on the right I gave away and I made the one on the left for our little baby on the way.  I am so glad my mom was here when I was making them because I totally would have sewn the ribbons on inside-out!    DSC_1832-3

Next up, Little Crinkle Owls!  This one doesn’t jingle, but it does crinkle!  I finished this yellow one for a friend who is having a girl. 


I paired it with some super cute and comfy pjs for her gift. DSC_2304

This past weekend I finished the owl for our own little boy.  I decided to stuff this one (the other one is pretty flat) to make him soft & fluffy, and I tried a different piece of plastic sheeting for the crinkle and it worked great!


Who who has cute toys now?!

I’m excited to make more!  I told you I was on a sewing kick!


  1. Thanks, I love my gift! I'm sure the babe will too.

  2. I want to get pregnant so I can have one. Cute, cute, cute!

  3. Wow-so cute! I love those little owls.

  4. Those owls are adorable and so are the tag lions! We're on the same wavelength...I just made loveys with tags for my baby #4 coming next week.

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