Monday, September 19, 2011

Other Kitchen Projects

After my gallery wall, I decided to redo some other things in my kitchen to spruce it up a little. 

First, the knife block---YAWN.  DSC_1386-2

Inspired by this knife block I saw on Pinterest, I spray-painted it and added a vinyl letter B.  I loved the green one I saw, but since my walls are already green, I thought I’d better chose a different color!  I still may go back and make it look a little distressed. DSC_1450-2

Then I took this sign that I got for $2 at the Quilted Bear 3 years ago and decided to make a whole new sign!DSC_1389-2

I think it turned out pretty cute, but I’m still not sure that it’s completely done.  I may go back and change it.DSC_1474DSC_1447-2

And lastly, I decided my fridge needed to be cleaned up.  I’ve grown tired of the mish-mash of kid magnets and miscellaneous papers on there.


Goodbye extra magnets, papers and misc!  I redid my “What’s for Dinner?” sheet (see the original one here) and then I added 3 magnetic frames/dry erase boards (like this one here).  One for a menu, one for a shopping list and a 3rd for a To Do. Then we will feature ONE piece of artwork of Lukes until he gets another one.  The old ones will be put in a book (for now).  Less clutter is so much better!


I love it when the little updates make a big difference! 


  1. Great projects! I really like how your block turned out. I decided about a week ago that I'm not allowed to pin anything new on Pinterest unless I've actually done a project from Pinterest in the last couple of days. It's nice motivation :-) Maybe my knife block will be my next one.

  2. You are so creative! That's so cute. I never would've thought to decorate my knife block, but it adds so much life to the kitchen!!! Cool!!!

  3. thanks for sharing your ideas. You are so creative and gave old things new life! Annette at


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