Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

Don't you LOVE these flowers in this vase?! Screams Spring-y things to me!
This is one of my new favorite blogs, by the way. I love everything they are doing with their new home as they make it their own!

I also love Fridays!
Maybe because Hubby usually comes home early, and then I get to have him home for 2 whole days!

I did a blog revamp. Did you notice? Probably not if you read this in Google. I still have to organize/revamp my labels and go through my entire blog to organize posts and such, but it looks a lot cleaner. I actually really like Blogger's new Template Designer! It's so much nicer to use than to try and do all the HTML & CSS yourself--which is what I originally had to do to make my blog 3 columns! I decided to get rid of the 3 columns for now, though.

I just realized that the acronym for Smile Like You Mean It is SLYMI=SLIMY!! I promise I'm not secretly slimy.

I'm such a nerd.

I never posted any pictures from the beginning of this month when we watched my sister's little dog, Tina. Luke loved it--mostly. We also went to Vegas 2 weekends ago--lots of pictures from that too. Those are probably good weekend posts, huh. Maybe I'll get right on that.

Today I'm kinda busy busy, though.
~Lunch with Sis
~Rendezvous with Sis' Friend who's buying all these lovelies:
~Visit Sweetheart Bridal, in Provo, owned now by my BF, Shelley.
~Figure out what movie to watch tonight with the Hubby. We like spending our Friday nights with a good movie, and snuggling on the couch :)

Since today is so busy I better get outta here and get to work!
Happy Weekend, Friends!!


  1. I love the new look of your blog. It is great!

  2. I love love the way your blog looks.

    and I LOVE LOVE younghouselove.

    and slimy...i laughed.

    have a wonderful day with friends, sister and husband!

  3. Love your hair accessories! Very cute!


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