Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have a lot to tell you!
But I'll have to break it up because it's way too much for one post!

Posts to Come:

*My crazy adventure on Saturday at the West Jordan Robert's Craft store (including the 6 hrs and 15 minutes spent in the checkout line!)

*Our Valentine's Day pictures

*Additions made to Luke's new room!
*A fun mobile/ceiling art thingy I'm making!

*Changing my blog address from to!! I'm really excited about this one! Don't worry, blogger should automagically redirect you, especially if you subscribe to this blog. But do keep in mind that in a couple days my new address will be and no longer the spoonsucker.

And I'm sure when I go through my camera I will find a few more things I need to write about too!

Look for the next post tonight!

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