Thursday, February 17, 2011

6 hours 15 minutes.

That is how long I waited in line.

But let me start at the beginning…

Roberts Craft, a pretty popular craft store here in Utah, is closing it’s West Jordan Store.  This week everything in the store was 75-90% off.  Tues-Friday it was 75%off and then Saturday was 90%.P1110218

My good friend & neighbor, Shelley, and I went last Wednesday to check things out.  We got some really good deals (like I got a curtain rod for $7 and she got a huge frame for only $15!  We also got lots of other little goodies like beads and scrapbook paper.)

Saturday rolls around and I wasn’t really planning on going back to Roberts, especially knowing it would be busy being 90%off and a Saturday.  However, I had a few things still in my head that I wished I’d gotten and would regret not getting later when I wanted them... so when Shelley called me Saturday morning to go I said “YES!” not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

We made a quick decision to leave her 2 kids with Scott & Luke at my house.  Scott offered and I was thinking we’d be gone for 3 hours tops.

We got to the store at about 12:30 and started hunting for the things we’d been thinking about.  I did notice there was already a pretty big line, I thought there were two lines actually.  They wrapped around the store.  But I didn’t really think it would be too bad.  First mistake.


I finally decided to hop in line at about 1:00. I figured it would be pretty easy to hop in and out of line to finish my shopping with Shelley there holding our place. 

Thirty minutes go by.  Scott calls to ask what to feed the kids for lunch and how to put Shelley’s 16 mo. old down for a nap.  We estimate being in line for another 1.5 hours at that point. (this is about 1:30.) 

3:00—decide to call my mom since she called me earlier and I couldn’t really talk at the time.  We talked for 20 minutes and I moved about 3 feet in line. 

3:30 Scott calls me again.  He’s doing ok with the kids, but is wondering what is taking so long.  At this point we had found out from some ladies who’d been in line longer than us that we still had HOURS to go in line.  So I told Scott that we had NO idea when we’d be back.  I didn’t really hear from him again.  We were feeling pretty stuck at that point.  We’d already waited for 3 hours and we knew we still had at least 2 or 3 to go. 

So we waited.

Here’s what the line actually looked like.  Yikes.


and waited.

we rolled our eyes and shook our heads in disbelief as we watched the sun go down.

We inched our way around and up the isles and FINALLY made it to the check-out at about 7:10. 

It took literally 5 minutes for the both of us to check out.  We practically ran to the car and sped home!

It was still a 30 minute drive home and we arrived at exactly 8:00. 

Best husband ever.  He didn’t even really complain about our excursion taking 8 1/2 hours when it should have only taken 2.

SO, now you want to know what I bought, right??

Of course you do.

Here’s what $713 worth of craft stuff looks like.  I did get a lot of this at 75%off and then the rest I got at 90%off on Saturday.  Overall I spent a bit more than $100. 

{The only thing not pictured is the $30 curtain rod that I got for $7.  I forgot to include it.}


261 sheets of scrapbook paper. 


jewelry making supplies

I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for all this stuff!


the little wooden animals, cars and such are going to be made into magnets for a giant magnet board in Luke’s new room.


I paid $.59 for this awesome bubble vase.  It’s the perfect size for a pencil or paint brush holder.


I have awesome plans for these shiny pebble rocks too.  {those are my containers, I’d already put them away before taking the picture}P1110215

3 punches! I paid about $4.50 each, add that up and it’s less than price on ONE punch at regular price!!


chipboard numbers {a future Luke’s room project}P1110217

Here it is all again.


The END.

It’s a good thing I just organized my craft closet!  It wasn’t all that hard to find places for all my new stuff!!


  1. Wow, way to go Katie. You are one dedicated crafter to wait in a line that long.

  2. You are the most patient person I know! Maybe when I was younger...but today, after about an hour I would have said, "Forget this!" Glad you got lots of fun stuff, though. You'll love using it all!

  3. Go Scott for not being grumpy! That's so crazy that they only had one line. Looks like your waiting paid off in product though. Great finds!

  4. That is insane. I don't even think I stood in black Friday lines that long!!

    But I'm wishing I had known about the store closing! It's right around the corner from me! :( Ah well.

    Glad you scored some amazing deals! :)


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