Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Framed Beaded Heart


I wanted to make something easy & quick for my Valentine's Day decor.

Lately, I've been trying to use crafting supplies that i already have because, lets be honest, I have way.too.much and too many unfinished projects.  Time to save some money and start finishing stuff!

SO...I pulled out these bags of glittery and shimmery pony beads! 

I've had them since i was like 12.

Saving them for later...

I guess now is later!


Separated out lots of red, pink, & purple onesP1110094

I used an 8x10 flat canvas and traced my heart shape on it:P1110092

Then I started hot gluing on the beads starting with the outer border


and then filling it in


Popped it into an 8x10 frame without the glass that was already painted red (sweet!).  

Voila! P1110109


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  1. What a cute idea! And way to use up what you've got. :) I've got to finish up all of those unfinished projects too. Sheesh!

  2. How cute! Consider this my vote for you in the Valentine's Day Challenge at Life of Bliss.
    Good luck!

  3. I love how that turned out! I may just have to make one for myself! You have my vote for the Valentine's Challenge at Life of Bliss :)

  4. Simply Adorable! And I'm voting for you for the Valentine's Challenge at Life of Bliss ooxx


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