Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Make Cheap Bookmark

I still have MOST of these bookmarks leftover from our Ruffled Rooster boutique!

Make Your Own:

1. Collect cereal boxes. Open the top and the bottom and flatten them that way to store--do not crunch the sides because otherwise that part can't be used. You can get at least 10 or more bookmarks from 1 cereal box.

2. Cut cereal boxes into bookmark sizes. I cut some of my bookmarks 2x6 or 2.5x6 inches and others 1.5x5 depending on my cereal boxes and the sizes I liked. I used a paper cutter for this to get nice straight lines (but it probably dulls your blade, so I'm not sure you want to do this)

3. cut out scrapbook paper to size of the bookmark.

4. Glue the patterned paper to the side with the cereal box pictures leaving the cardboard side for the back of the bookmark. I used regular school clue around the edges of the bookmark. Don't use too much glue or it will look sloppy and not very smooth.

5. (optional) laminate the bookmark. I left most of mine un-laminated, but I wanted to protect this bookmark and give it a longer lifespan. I used clear contact paper for cheap, easy laminating (also see here). Just cut out a piece of contact paper that is the same lengh, but twice the width of your bookmark.

6. punch a hole at the top.

7. String a ribbon through the top

8. set down and admire

9. Go read a book!

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