Monday, January 24, 2011

Kid's Wallet

Luke loves to take apart our wallets if he ever gets the chance!
He especially gets attached to our driver's licenses and things like our Costco card because they have our pictures on them.
(cute, right!? He does love us :)

However, I'm a little tired of watching him like a hawk with our cards (he almost bent my most used credit card in half the other day!) So, I decided it was time to make him his own wallet!
(that's right, mom, I'm actually going to sew something!!)

I knew what kind I wanted to make for him, but I wasn't finding exactly the right tutorial, so I just used this Summer Wallet Tutorial from Lola Nova and adapted it to work and look how I wanted it to for Luke!
Embellishing the front = dollar sign applique.

traced it backwards on the wrong side of the fabric so my marks wouldn't show.

Now sew it onto the outside layer fabric only

I wanted more layers for more cards to fit into, so I added two more fabrics.
The tutorial I was following for a guide just had you sew one stitch at the bottom for the 3 layers. But if I did it this way all the cards would fall to the bottom of the wallet.
I wanted the cards to poke out of each pocket like a real wallet and not all sink down to the bottom. So each layer, I sewed onto the back, inside layer, measuring where the card stops in the pocket and then sewing it onto the back fabric.
Does that make sense?
Then sew the layers and the denim front together as her tutorial says and finish it up!

I got all these fabrics like 2 years ago when Luke was just a few months old because I was going to make him a little baby quilt. Ha. But they were bright and colorful like I wanted his wallet to be, so into a wallet they were made!
Luke's going to love it!

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you how to make your own personalized credit cards to go inside!


  1. That's really cute. I love all the bright fabrics. Good job!

  2. This idea is genius. I should get/make a wallet for Kenzie and keep it in my purse. Too bad I don't sew...

  3. What a great idea! I wonder if it would fool Alexander or if he would still want to play with Daddy's wallet...

  4. Amazing job! Now we just have to get him some pictures, cards, etc. and laminate so he'll think they're credit cards!

  5. you need to make me one and I'll pay you!! I want one for my step-sister Emery.


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