Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Color Me Mine

I L.O.V.E this place.
If you've never heard of Color Me Mine before, you are missing out on pure fun.

I could spend hours there painting. I always come home wanting to paint more, too. So maybe I will break out my old paint brushes and put something on canvas.

We went here last week for a girl's night. My mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law and me. We had lots of fun.

I made another plate. I love this red plate I made last time I went so much that I wanted to make another one.

My mom made this cute flower plate. She had to go home before we got to pick up the pieces, so I will be holding onto it for her for a while. Hope you like it, Mom!
My sister made a really cute striped mug. It took a long time to do all those stripes in a bunch of different colors. My mom & Steph (SIL) left to go home and Jen & I were still there another hour! I stayed to keep her company--After I finished my plate, I made some cute magnets out of broken pieces of pottery.

Now I just have to use some E6000 and some neodymium magnets so they won't fall off my fridge and shatter into a million pieces!


  1. i lOVE that place too!
    you'll have to post pistures after you pick them up!

  2. I never did go there, but now I'm regretting it! Look at that cute plate!


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