Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cheap Apron

So I never showed you this...

Shelley and I wanted to wear aprons at our Ruffled Rooster Boutique so people would know who to ask questions and such. We didn't want to sew them and we left it to the last minute and kind of let the idea go.

I was at Home Depot to get pegboard the night before, when I remembered that Home Depot sells cheap little tool-belt aprons. (my sister & my mom made me a bridal emergency kit using one before I got married)

So i went off to look for them while Scott got the pegboard cut to our dimensions.
I was delighted find that they still had them, and thrilled to find that they only cost 79 cents each! sweeeeet.

I brought them home, gathered a long piece of red fabric into a ruffle and then sewed it onto the top. Then I printed our rooster onto a piece of red cardstock and sewed it on for a quick fix. I'll have to switch that out later for something more durable, but it would work for a day at least!

Cute huh!

PS. Shelley & I will be holding another boutique day in 2 weeks! Check out the Ruffled Rooster Blog for more info!!There will be lots of cute Halloween (and other holiday) decor there, too so come stock up and get ready for all the upcoming holidays!

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