Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look how our Garden Grows

My lack of blogging is directly correlated with my lack of picture taking lately. So I wrote this post first and then went around and took pictures of everything. Just.for.you.

The weather is crazy freezing cold to boiling hot. Our house was freezing cold all weekend and I found myself putting on winter clothes since we didn't want to turn the heater back on. Now it's hot again and I'm turning on the fans and opening the windows for cool breezes.

Despite the wacky weather, our garden is doing awesome. We have a strawberry growing and a few itty bitty peppers starting to grow! Growing a garden is so rewarding. Scott loves it to and we've really enjoyed working on it together.

our one strawberry.
Luke saw it today and tried to eat it!
I stopped him before he could pluck it off!Strawberry plants actually do better after the first year.

We are so eating that strawberry today ;)


  1. Your Garden looks great! Hopefully when we come in August there still will be something to eat.

  2. WOWIES! You go girl. I would LOVE to have my own garden someday, when I live in a house. Wanna do that too someday. So cool.


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