Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crafting Up a Storm

I've been steadily working on craft projects daily. I'm working on building up an inventory of fantastic items to sell at a craft boutique in August (I'll put up the info so you can come when we get it). I'm hoping to make lots of cash to put towards a fancy SLR camera that I've been coveting for-ever now.

A pillow I made from a shirt. I loved the shirt but it doesn't fit anymore so I made it into a pillow so it could still bring me joy :)

My card for Card Group this month.

Bookmarks for the boutique (88 of them!)

Magnets for the boutique.
I made the background in photoshop.
i can't say enough how much i love photoshop.

more magnets, yet to be packaged up.
Flowers...probably for the boutique, but they aren't done and I don't know if they will be headbands or hairclips or pins or what yet.

My Family Tree Business is also growing--I've picked up a few more orders lately and it's been fun to have some "work" to do with deadlines and emails. It's also been somewhat tricky working out little kinks here and there with the process. Scott's been good to bounce ideas off of and get things figured out. It seems with every order I find a mistake or something that needs to be changed. He may even build a real website for me--i love having a hubby that can do that!


  1. I am always amazed by your creativity. When is your craft boutique in August? What SLR are you looking at?

  2. Katie, I would love to come to the boutique and see/get your stuff! Let me know when it is :)

  3. These are so cute! Hopefully I'll be in Utah while your boutique is up!


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