Monday, May 10, 2010


I didn't get the videos for you yet.

The video camera was dead--so it needed to be charged,

then the videos all have to be uploaded to the computer which can take hours because they are HD and huge.

Then because of the format, I have to convert them to a format that I can post on a blog. Which takes a really long time too.

Then I have to upload them to the actual blog using photobucket because blogger videos don't work for me anymore.

All that summed up= no videos yet. Sorry.

We were really busy this weekend too:
Saturday Scott worked for 2 hours at the Stake Garden and I wandered around Home Depot Garden Department to find flowers I wanted (but I didn't end up buying any then)

Then we had a birthday party/bbq at our next door neighbor's house for their 2 year old, Corbin. It was Mickey Mouse themed and was really cute and fun.

We took a break from the Sun and put Luke down for a nap. Then we went outside to work on moving a sprinkler head and raising the garden boxes a little higher off the ground. We haven't filled them in with their special dirt because we wanted to make sure they looked good where they were first. We'll finish up the garden next weekend.

We took a family trip to Lowe's and this time I DID buy flowers. I got flowers to put in my pots on my porch as a Mother's Day present. I would have taken a picture of it today but it rained and hailed off and on all day.

Mother's Day was good--Scott let me stay in bed to sleep and then read while he got up with Luke and make me breakfast which he brought to me in bed. At church we got 100 grand bars from the Bishopric and then the RS got everyone these cute pink/brown magnet pads for the fridge with a little quote on it. I love presents! I shared my candybar with Scott.
The EQ took over the primary and nursery so all the women could go to the RS meeting.
After church, Scott made me lunch and then we played Lego Batman on the XBOX and then took a nap on the couch. Awesome. We woke up Luke and then took walk outside.

The rest of the day was chill.

And now it's already Tuesday. I cleaned my house and did laundry yesterday, ran a bunch of errends, and now I'm getting over a slight cold. It needs to stop raining so I can plant my garden.

The end.

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