Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Project

I've been racking my brain lately with how to arrange my framed pictures in my living room.
It's been ages and I haven't done much with it.

I was flipping through my own interior design folder--I have a ton of pages from magizines with home decor ideas, and I came across this one from a Pottery Barn catalog (most of my pages were either Pottery Barn or IKEA --guess I just like their styles) EUREKA! That's perfect! I wouldn't have to make some kind of ridiculous collage and hammer a bazillion nails into the wall--with additional hole for the places I screw up. I'd just build this really simple ledge and put them on that instead!

After the trip to the Home Depot, we were very happy because the price difference was ridiculous!

The price at Pottery Barn:
Holman Ledge
4' Ledge, just 1, $55
3' Ledge, Set of 3 = $125 (or $45 each)

My DIY Price:
We lucked out and found the perfect materials in just the right size for what we were looking for! We only had to get them to trim the edges so they would be all the same length (6ft long).
It was primed (white) MDF that we found in the molding aisle. Perfect and CHEAP. We just had to nail all the pieces together, paint them, and screw them into the wall!

1 6' long, 2.5" wide piece (for the back) $2.44
2 6' long, 1.5" wide pieces (for the bottom and front) $3.64

6' Ledge Total = $6.08 (+ the cost of paint, nails/screws.)
Awesome deal !

And my sister spotted these at IKEA and they are only $20 each which is still a huge price difference than the PB version.

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  1. Wow! This is a great look for your family room. And the prices are amazing. Now have fun getting it all done--can't wait for the finished picture.


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