Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Wall.

Ok, so I started doing the photo ledge about 2 weeks ago, and the project was easy and cheap!

However, in our first try of construction, we ended up bending it (oops) so it curved when you try to put it up against the wall. Our fault.

Anyway, so instead of trying again (it was hard enough to get Scott help me with it the first time)
(o-k, The real reason is I needed something on that wall because my Photo Group was meeting at my house this month and I couldn't have a barren wall! Un-acceptable. and I'm a show-off)

So I decided to go ahead and put up a photo gallery wall instead.

and i hated every.

It took me all day off and on to get the wall up.

Such a pain. *sigh* but it does look good. so I guess it was worth it.

I've been collecting frames for a while--I got a bunch at D.I. for $1 or $1.50.
You can spray paint them to the desired colors you want. I was going to paint the gold ones but as I looked at them laying there I decided I kinda liked the mish-mashness of the frames and kept them as is.

I got them all out and laid them out on a blanket in a desired arrangement. Then I nailed them all separately and it took me all day.
There are definitely easier ways of doing this--I would highly recommend doing it this way instead: Take a big sheet of paper (or tape wrapping paper together) and create your layout on top of that. Trace all the frames onto the paper and then mark where the nail holes are for each frame. Then you can just tape up the piece of paper onto the wall and nail all your nails. Take off the paper and then hang your frames!! Easy peasy. But still takes work. My way was much harder--but I didn't feel like using wrapping paper and I didn't have any long sheets of paper (like this)

The blanket was about the size of the space I wanted to fill on the wall.
(you'll notice I also spray painted the lamp yellow--I'm l.o.v.i.n.g. yellow these days)

It definitely adds a LOT to the whole room and ties it all together.
Some of the pictures I just stuck in there to fill the frames temperarily--like the big flower poster. I didn't have time to get a big 16x20 printed so that's what's there for now. I'm also thinking some vinyl lettering would be nice to balance out the top left. It needs just a little something on top to make it all more even.

And since I'll never want to hang another picture for at least another month I figured I better do the hallway now too.

i didn't feel like taking a better picture. so you're stuck with this one. come see my house if you wanna see it up close.

The end.


  1. You can never, ever have too many pictures! You are so energetic, and creative, you give us motivation.

  2. I've been bit by the green monster of creativity envy (maybe in this case he's yellow ;D). Looks great! Someday, you'll have to come and visit me and do this to my living room as well. :)


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