Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Roses are red
Violets are blue

Wishing everyone a happy day

From ME to YOU!

I thought it would be fun to relay the story of our 1st Valentine's Day together, enjoy!

From My Journal 2.14.06 :
Happy Day! Today was so awesome! My best Vday for sure! I walked to class and was supposed to meet Scott at Devotional, but he didn't show at all, so i just did HW (Devo was boring) I got extra credit in my sewing lab for wearing pink ;) I cam home early--skipped my Family Life class. I had plans to go to Jen's to do laundry and play with Jack and Charlie. When I got home I said a quick Hi to Melissa and Rachel and then went into my room. My 1st thought was is this for me and who did this?! There were chocolate kisses strewn on the floor, there were DAISIES on my desk, a Valentine's Day balloon by my bed and a chocolate rose with a card on my bed!! I was giggling and letting out happy girly squeals. i L.O.V.E.D the card Scott wrote to me. I couldn't express my true excitement because it was so undescribably A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! I took pictures of everything! And then I had to hurry up and get ready to go to Jen's. I was there all afternoon [...some of this is summerized] Turns out I was over there way too long. I had to think of something to do for Scott still!! I decided to have Jen take me to the grocery store on the way home to pick up some candy and jumbo chocolate chips. My plan was good but i was running short on time! I got home and begged Melissa to make me cookie dough while I got ready. She made it into a giant heart-shaped cookie for me with my giant chocolate chips. I surrounded it with candy and decorated the pan a bit. On little heart-shaped pieces of paper, I wrote poems and mostly little things I'd do for Scott like wash his car, Give him [1] [2][3] chances to beat me at chess ;) [10] unearned padiddle kisses to mach my 10 earned ones. I had tons and tons and put them together hidden in a box of candy [...] I put stickers all over the box--some meant things. Like a carrot sticker just because I knew Scott doesn't like veggies, or a tennis sticker because he does like tennis. I had to call Scott and tell him I wasn't going to Institute with him because I wasn't home yet (even though I was) because I needed more time to get done with the gift and get beautiful for him. He came over at 8pm when he was finished and I had just finished getting ready. I pulled him into the kitchen to show him my surprise--and it was exactly that, a big surprise! I'm pretty sure he wasn't expecting anything at all, but how could i give him nothing when he'd done so much for me this morning? He was really anxious to leave my apartment to take me on our date, so we went to his apartment to drop off his presents. He really didn't know I would give him anything and i loved to see him so happy and grateful. No one was there at the moment so we had a chance to be alone and steal some kisses. I really had no idea what Scott had planned to do with me tonight. He only said "We'll hang out" up to today. We got in the car and started driving. I was way hungry so I was thrilled when he told me we were going to TGIFridays. But I was nervous too because we really hadn't gone out to dinner together yet [...] It was such a good night. I love that I'm getting to know Scott more [...] What a GREAT day!!
From this date in my journal I kept the note he wrote and the balloon all folded up. So sentimental. It's so awesome that I kept a journal that year we dated. So many great memories. Hope you enjoyed it! Here's the pictures from that account:

Kisses on the floor

Daisies (my favorite)

The note:

The chocolate flower and balloon

My gift to Scott

A big heart shaped cookie, surrounded by Reese's and a sticker-covered box with more candy and a little coupon book I'd made for him with cheesy things


  1. Great Memories , what a great story. Love reading your blog, keep it up.

  2. You guys are both so creative and cute!


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