Saturday, February 06, 2010

CLeaning MachiNe

Not like you care about my cleaning routine, but hey I'm blogging every day here...YOU try and think of 28 different things to blog about!!

So i have things I do everyday or weekly, and then I have things that I do once a month (hopefully) and then I have things I put off until I absolutely cannot put them off any more!! Having a toddler has definitely made my list grow.


1. I do the dishes every day. I try to keep the dishwasher dirty so I can load dishes in immediately and I try to keep the kitchen sink as empty as possible. I run the fully loaded dishwasher at night using the delay start feature so it goes on around 11 or 12 and isn't too loud while we watch our nightly TV show before bed. In the morning, I unload the clean dishwasher while Luke is eating breakfast. Pots & Pans get done every couple of days because I hate doing them and so I let them stack up usually. Bad habit. Some days are better than others and I wash them all after dinner.

2. Wiping down the cupboards and sweeping the floor. After doing all the dishes, I usually clean off the kitchen counters and then sweep the floor so the whole kitchen looks nice. When the kitchen is clean it makes a BIG difference on the rest of the house.

3. Picking up TOYS. I straighten up and pick up all the toys from the whole day because Luke plays better when it isn't just a HUGE messy pile of toys. If things are on shelves and in baskets he's more likely to pull something out and play with it. Interesting, but true. so so true. Sometimes this means picking up an entire cup of coins he's dumped out 3 times in one day because he'll keep going back to it only if the cup is full--I'd rather do that then have him whining for my attention every 2 seconds because he can't find something to keep him busy.

Thats it for Daily stuff. I trie to do those 3 things every day and it makes a big difference.


1. Laundry. I'm pretty lucky that I'm still at the point of only needing to do 3-4 loads once a week. Folding it is a different story entirely. I hate hate hate folding laundry--so i'm guilty of leaving it in a laundry basket on occasion ;)

2. Vacuuming. Sometimes this is a daily thing--again because of the toddler--but usually once a week will do. I actually enjoy vacuuming above all other chores. Something about sucking up a mess and watching it disappear is quite enjoyable for me. Not to mention it's a good way to burn some extra calories in a day.

3. Making the Bed. I have to laugh because I probably really DO only make our bed once or twice a week. If I had a nicer bed maybe I would do it more.

Thats it!!


1. Mopping. Actually It's hard to get this done EVERY month, but it really needs to be done like every other week because of the toddler (man kids are messy) Sometimes I just spot mop and scrub off the stuck on gunk that's most obvious.

2. I should seriously do it more, but I really only clean our bathrooms about once every 2 weeks. Gross, I know. They don't get that bad, but if they do I'll do it more often. Or if someone is coming over or staying with us. Our bathroom is the worst because it's the most used. The sink gets all cluttered (mostly with my stuff) and then I just put it off.

Avoid whenever possible:
1. Scrubbing the tubs and our shower. Hate it Hate it Hate it.
2. Dusting--rare.
3. Washing Windows. I hate looking out dirty windows, but it's such a pain to go outside and clean them (cuz they are dirty outside not inside)--Our windows are high and I need a ladder-just a pain. At least I discovered that vinegar and warm water is AWESOME at cleaning windows and doesn't leave streaks.
4. Cleaning out the Microwave, Fridge & Oven. All a pain.
5. Anything else I probably should do but rarely or never do...also goes on this list :)


  1. I actually found this extremely interesting. I know what you mean about the kitchen setting the tone. My dailies are dishes, laundry and wiping the counters/stove.

  2. Another amen to the dailies. If I haven't gotten ANYTHING else done, doing the dailies makes it LOOK like I've had a productive day!

  3. oh the wonderful life of a mom.


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