Thursday, January 21, 2010


Alexander & Luke had a great time playing together, it's really too bad Alexander lives in Georgia.

(Luke was clapping for the picture)

"you pick it up" "no YOU pick it up"


  1. They look like they're having so much fun together. Hopefully they'll get to see each other every so often. I think my sibs and I missed out a bit on not getting to grow up with our cousins. They all seem so tight when we go visit and we have to get reacquainted at first. But actually, Luke and Alexander are so close in age, plus they're boys so it shouldn't be a prob. I was able to get along with my cousins my age pretty easily.

    Oh, and whose HUGE doggie is that?!?

  2. cute pics! It was fun to read about how Luke does in Primary. I can't believe you have four nurseries! I guess it makes sense where you live. We have maybe 3 to 4 kids in ours. I am glad we are staying in contact at least through the blog!

  3. I love to see these two boys together. I didn't think they had enough time together over Christmas. Also I'm so glad you got all these cute photos to show them later.
    Grandma B.


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