Monday, December 21, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

Last Thursday we had our ward Christmas party

Santa was there! Luke reacted normally, I suppose.

After all, it was bedtime and we were handing him off to a big red man with half his face hidden.

He did much better with his first visit with Santa at Walmart near thanksgiving time:

[sorry, it is just a picture of a picture--i couldn't take my own, but I got a free print]

For entertainment, they had a representative from the EQ (scott) and the RS and the Bisopric wrap gifts blindfolded.

Scott actually won being the fastest gift wrapper.
(though I'm not sure he'll be too thrilled with me posting these pictures :)


  1. That is hilarious. jack isn't too into Santa either. Scott was an awesome wrapper. maybe you should get him to do anything you have left?

  2. Ha ha! But seriously, no. :P


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