Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Spinning Topper-thing

We got this light up spinner-topper-thing whatever they are called in a stocking of goodies for the kids that got babysat at Scott's work party on Friday. (it was so nice to leave Luke at the daycare while we went and had a good dinner and played games!)

Anyway, Luke LOVES it. He brings it up to us and asks us to turn on the light and then spin it for him. I love how it's always the simpliest things that kids love the most.

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  1. That is so true, I think we forget it is the small and simple things that have such a big impact on us all.

    The pictures of Santa with Luke are great. You should of seen Alexander! I had the privilege of being Santa, at our ward Christmas party, and Kevin and Amy brought Alexander, I even talked to him in my own voice and tried to identify myself, but he had nothing to do with me as Santa, only big cries.

    We are all so exited about seeing you tomorrow, have a safe trip.

    Grandpa in the Santa suit.


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