Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The rest of the Ohio Trip Pictures

Stepping on his Shadow

The chair where he discovered Chocolate Milk.
I've never seen him drink so much milk in one sitting.

The Cat
This cat napped in my parents front yard every single day. It's the neighbors cat--apparently our yard is better for napping.

Watching it from a safe distance.

Hiding behind mom

Coming out for a better look--he does like it, just giggle and squeals away when we try to get him to pet anything furry.

In the Airport & On the Plane

he's pointing to my nose. he likes noses.


  1. These are all GREAT pictures! It's so nice to see you updating again. I always love reading about you guys :-)

  2. I love the pic with him in facing the window on the plane - such a cool pic!


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