Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ohio Con't--The Beach

The Beach

We took Luke to the beach nearby where we live--Lake Erie is only a few minutes away from our house. He was a bit unsure what to do with the sand, but it was hard to keep him away from the water! I would have just let him go in but it was really windy and a bit too chilly to get too wet.

Oh and have you seen Morton Salt in the grocery store? It comes from here. There's a salt mine in this lake and a factory right by the beach entrance.

Pointing to the seagulls--there were hundreds!

He liked digging his feet in the wet sand as the waves splashed up on him

he kept putting his foot out as far as we would let him--almost did the splits

He finally figured out that there were rocks to find and play with

And because there aren't enough pictures of me these days--here's me playing with Luke in the sand.

Videos of Luke at The Beach

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  1. Hey, it's funny enough just watching him walk across the room. Walking on sand? Comedy gold.


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