Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hidden Treasures

When I went home to Ohio
I found a lot of STUFF.

Some good, some trash, some funny, some sentimental... and I sent home 5 boxes and I came back with an extra suitcase. (2 boxes of glass bottles, 2 boxes of BOOKS, and a suitcase full of random goodies.)

I have trouble letting go sometimes.

Artwork. Not many people know this about me--I did 4 years of Fine Art classes, Ceramics and Photography in high school. I was working on my portfolio and I was going to apply to the Columbus Ohio College of Art and Design. But I never applied. I only applied to BYU (Brigham Young University in Provo UT). And that's where I went. But I know I was supposed to go there. The oddest thing was that I didn't even try to pursue art there. At all. I took ONE class--Intro to Art--and I didn't even DO any art projects in that class. If I were to do BYU all over again I would have pursued Photography but that's all in the past so whatever---AT HOME, I had a bunch of projects still--
From Ceramics

Not my favorite pieces so they went in the trash

I never washed my palet as much as I should have.

When I wore these babysitting the kids thought I was the COOLEST babysitter EVER. I'd have to agree. I happen to know of quite a few families that severely missed me when I left for college.

I saved ALL the CD booklets to all my CDs. WhY?
Don't bother clicking--my CD collection isn't very interesting.

A manilla folder of all the stuff I collected to remember my Freshman year of college.
And a box of polished rocks and marbles. Penny rolls, marbles and seashells that aren't even mine because I've NEVER found any shells like that at the beach.

Beanie babies, duck, a Noah's Art teaset, my "silkie" (story later maybe), Ceramic piggy bank that I made, a mug, rocks I painted, an eroded brick.

My sewing box.

And of course the paint from every time I painted my room and furniture.
The wall was 6 different colors over the years and the furniture several versions of insane.

The bottle collection
--made it to UT all in one piece--

It's joined my bottles that I've collected out here to make one massive collection of glass
What came from Ohio:

The entire collection now:


  1. Wow, how fun to go through all your old stuff!
    love your bottles.

  2. I love, love, love your piggy bank!!


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