Saturday, September 12, 2009


Labor Day Weekend was GREAT.

Scott wondered why we celebrate Labor day, and I couldn't quite tell him, so I looked it up...

The holiday originated in 1882 as a result of the labor movement and was intended to be a day of rest to recognize the efforts of the average working man.

In case you wanted to know, too.

We went CAMPING.
We have been wanting to go so we planned to go Sunday afternoon until Monday mid-day.
We drove down to Deer Creek Reservoir because that's where we booked a site (LOTS of people go camping on Labor Day weekend! LOTS.) We had a perfect view of the lake as you can see from the picture above.

he didn't stay in here very long.

Luke most definitely enjoyed it.

We made foil dinners, had s'mores later and played card games until bed and then made eggs, bacon and hash browns in the morning.

He loved playing in the tent

rubbing dirt on his eye as we try to take a picture.

Al & Steph

We had a little path leading down to the lake--which was beautiful

Steph went fishing--the fish were picky though and they didn't bite.

The Dirt.
It was inevitable that he'd get dirty, so we just let him go at it.
He got right down in it on his tummy at one point.

He was pretty proud of his dirt

...and he kept going...headstands and everything.

He also found a stick he liked to play with

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  1. Yes, I know all about the dirt and babies. Does Luke like to eat it? David does and it's hard to catch him and then he looks like an Oreo mouth, which I think would have been better to eat than dirt.


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