Friday, July 17, 2009

12 Months = 1 YEAR Update

oNe YeAr OLd

Dare to lay on the floor--you WILL be crawled over & climbed on. Luke is pretty bony too--I have bruises to prove it.

He started pointing to everything---here he points to his cousin Isaac

Shortly after this shot Isaac got sad and was picked up...

But Luke just followed. "hey where'dja go buddy?"

Visiting with Grandma Harris - 4th of July Weekend

4th of July Weekend was tough--he got real tuckered out.

Our little stairclimber--

L.O.V.E.S Spaghetti. Unfortunately it's the messiest food on earth.

Got his first haircut by me (my mom helped with his last haircut at Easter)--looks pretty handsome now. I cut off over an inch!

He is pushing everything

He does a little jig--he stretches out one leg and shakes it

He likes to crawl under & hide behind legs. He loves to be chased by Daddy & will crawl really fast away and hide behind my legs

A playdate with his buddy Jack

A thief of any and all snacks nearby--good thing Jack doesn't really mind much

We try to go outside at least twice a day because Luke loves it and it gets him nice and tired. Usually it's only for 15 minutes--it is in the 90s after all :P yuck.

Luke used to take off his hat the very second I put it on him--he made a game out of it, but I guess since it's so sunny, he doesn't mind it so much. Occasionally though, he will realize it---

Wait a second! How'd that get on my head? I'm taking it off!

I promptly plopped it back on his head and he went off to explore again.

We use this box to cover the stairs in place of a gate--but when it's not in use it's there--and Luke likes crawling back and forth through it.

He's a busy busy boy as you can see.

WALKING: He will now take a few steps on his own without getting coaxed to. He will just go from like the chair to the opposite couch or just out into the middle of the room trying to head over to something he wants to get too. On his own he usually only goes about 4 or so steps before losing balance and fallin on his bum. If we're there coaxing him or leading him to go further his concentration is better and he can walk further. It's a work in progress but it sure is cute!! I love holding his hand and walking with him--he's still so little!

Growth spurt: Luke has definitely had a growth spurt--I'm thinking he's close to 18 lbs now. It was like all of a sudden a bunch of his clothes & diapers were too small! It's totally ok with me though, I feel like I was totally gyped for baby clothes shopping because he stayed in his 0-3 month clothes for FOREVER.

Babble baby--only says Dad and Dada. Won't repeat words currently (probably because he's too busy trying to walk) He is starting to recognize some baby signs though--like our sign for "drink"

Has 7 teeth now and will be working on #8 soon

Turns his nose up at most pureed baby foods, and also doesn't like cut up peaches or pears.
Loves grated apple, cheese, yogurt, scrambled eggs, any kind of bread or crackers, smiles big when he sees the box of Fruity Cheerios, loves spaghetti and a lot of other things we eat for dinner. He eats a lot of peas and carrots and cubed hashbrowns too. This kid loves to eat. I've also been giving him formula in a sippy cup for about 3 months now--we ran out last week and so I decided to buy some Goodstart 2 formula to use until after we go in for his check up and then we will most likely switch to whole milk because formula is EXPENSIVE. I don't know how people afford it.

I'm sure I'll think of a bunch more stuff later, but I'm going to go ahead and post this and maybe I'll add more later! Hope you enjoyed it--It's been one crazy year!!

AND, i thought i'd just note that he DID NOT want to get his picture taken for his 1 year pictures. We're going to take him in for some professional shots--I hope this doesn't happen then!



  1. happy birthday, luke!! love all the pictures ;)

  2. Wow 7 teeth, that’s a mouth full. Glad he is out of a size 3mo. Would love to take him shopping for some new cloths. By your write up sounds like one smart little boy. So when is this little guy going to say ma ma? Love the pictures, Katie you cant take enough, keep them coming. Happy Birthday Luke --- We Love You!!!!!

  3. I love the pictures of him and Jack - so cute!!!


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