Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Treat for My Window

Well after 0ver 10 months of living in this house with a huge front window ---everyone who walks or drives by can see us inside--I finally have it covered!!

This is Michael Miller fabric I ordered off an Etsy shop (the fabricbee) a couple months ago.

With my new sewing machine I was able to whip out these curtain panels in a little over an hour. I bought the sheers at Walmart and just hemmed them up about 2 inches. Scott hung my double curtain rod on Saturday and tada! Done. Looks quite nice and my kitchen feels much more homey.


After 1

After 2 (with sheers)

The end.


  1. I saw it!!! they look great. running tonight? I'm going at 8.

  2. The curtains look great, Katie...worth the 10 month wait!

  3. Cute curtains! I have a Kalencom diaper bag made out of the same cute! :)


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