Monday, April 13, 2009


I still have a million pictures from our trip, but they all have to be converted to JPEG in order to be put on the blog. Therefore, it will most likely never happen. They will eventually make it to SmugMug though, and when they do I'll let you know. Speaking of SmugMug...I've updated ALL of Luke's pictures up to April 1st---there are nearly 2000 pictures!!! Man this kid is loved. I've also put up all my old college pictures (2004-2006), but they are still very unorganized. Luke's pictures are the only ones that are completely organized. I just need to add captions to them. But feel free to take a look.

We had a great Easter! Except for the part where Luke didn't take a nap at all through church and didn't get to until 12:30...that part wasn't so fun. However, we had a VERY yummy dinner, complete with my very first TURKEY. Sadly I did not get a picture of the turkey before we ate him. I did get pictures of our Easter Baskets! Scott and I had a race to see who could find their basket first...I won, but I had an advantage because I knew it was upstairs. It's a tradition that we are carrying on from when Scott was growing up--his dad hid their Easter baskets. It was fun. We decided not to make Luke look for his :) It was a great day, my mom and dad are in from Ohio, and we've been spending a lot of time with them this week. They go home on Tuesday.

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